Why The Excess Male Deaths?

The other articles in The UK Way of Death provide data leading to the following Table, which shows how the total 38,000 excess male deaths over female deaths (in the UK per year) breaks down by cause.

Cause Excess male deaths As percentage
Coronary heart disease 17,695 46.6%
Cancer 8,313 21.9%
Alcohol & Drugs 4,225 11.1%
Suicide 3,483 9.2%
Post-Divorce 500 1.3%
HIV 270 0.7%
Homicide 200 0.5%
Work 150 0.4%
War 60 0.2%
Other unidentified 3,104 8.1%

These data show how the slow-suicide of alcohol and drugs adds to the official suicide figures to result in over 20% of the excess male deaths being attributable to effective self-destruction.

However, the bulk of excess male deaths, just shy of 70%, is due to cancer and heart diseases – causes which might be influenced by health care initiatives.

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