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The study material and opportunities provided here are intended to promote a true and accurate perspective on the issues facing men and boys in the UK, issues which are currently submerged in propaganda. Where statements are claimed to be factual, especially in the case of numerical data, the intention is to present a fair and accurate account – and to reference sources.

Nevertheless, it is inevitable that much of the material takes an anti-feminist line, because the compilers of the material have reached this point of view by consideration of the evidence available. However, anyone can be wrong and everyone is encouraged to think for themselves, despite the polemical approach of much of the material. Comments provide a facility for feedback. Unlike blogs, however, comments are not intended to be discussion threads. Comments should be focused on improving the accuracy or completeness of the material. Notification of errors of fact are particularly welcome – so we can put mistakes right, or at least identify them in cases where the linked material is not under our control.

This is a UK site, so material concentrates on UK issues. However liberal use is made of USA and Canadian material where issues are believed to be in common. This particularly applies to the excellent videos available from North America. Please note that the majority of these videos are by women.


  1. What is this all about?: A very brief over-view taking just a few minutes to read. It will acquaint you with the key issues of the Men’s Human Rights Movement (MHRM). These are the issues addressed in more detail by the other options.
  2. The Short Self-Study Guide: Brief texts are provided, plus links to a small number of on-line resources, with the objective of explaining to a relative beginner what the Men’s Human Rights Movement (MHRM) is about and why there is a need for such a movement. It will take perhaps an hour per day for a week to complete – or just one intensive day’s reading/viewing. Much of it is videos.
  3. The Long Self-Study Guide: This is a resource for those looking to deepen existing knowledge of the issues facing men and boys. Links, bibliographies and academic journal references are provided to facilitate this self-study in your own time, perhaps concentrating on particular issues of concern to you as an individual. It is not intended to be exhaustive. So much material now exists that this is not possible. However, the intention is that all major aspects of the MHRM and the opposing feminism position will be covered by a range of material.
  4. Face-to-Face Exploration: The Network For Men – This option is for interested parties to meet with like minded people in an informal setting for the purposes of conveying essentially the same content as the self-study material in a more personal “coaching style”. This option is infinitely flexible in terms of the commitment in time. No charge – the only requirement is that you are genuinely interested in the issues faced by men and boys in our society. Follow the link and enter your details.

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