Male Educational Under-Achievement

Why Is Nothing Done?

The naive may wonder why, in view male educational under-achievement being universally acknowledged and undisputed, nothing is done to correct it? The reason is that knowledge of a disadvantage does not, of itself, lead to it being addressed. There must be a lobby group with sufficient clout to make something happen. Whilst the world is overflowing with feminist lobby groups, there are no influential lobby groups for males as a class. Men do not cohere politically as a gender group. So nothing is done. Germaine Greer reminds us that “you get what you fight for“. Men do not fight to have the disadvantages of their sex group addressed, and hence the disadvantages persist and worsen as women, in contrast, continue to fight tooth and nail for their interests. The MHRM is the attempt to create a lobby group for male interests, but to-date it has been silenced by the dominant feminist lobby and a public image created by negative propaganda.

When male feminist groups attempt to address “the problem with boys” they do so by blaming the boys. Their diagnosis is ‘toxic masculinity’. The problem with boys would disappear if only boys could become girls. Boys are bad. If only they could be made to see this. Such “solutions” merely burden boys with an extra dose of self-loathing on top of educational failure. Simply put, the cause of boys’ educational failure and the reason why it is not addressed are the same: endemic societal sexism.

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