Feminism and its political environment

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  • What is feminism?
  • History of Feminism (Before 1960): The Fallacy of an Oppressive Patriarchy
  • Early second wave feminists and their influence
  • Quotes from Feminist Texts
  • A Brief History of the Last Half-Century
  • The Conflict of Feminism With Science
  • Feminist Double Standards and Untruths
  • Feminism's Exploitation of the Gynocentric Psychology
  • The VAWG Strategy
  • Feminism in Education
  • How feminism neutralises alternative movements: assimilate, co-opt and destroy
  • Residual feminist 'oppressions' compared with male disadvantages
  • Feminist Power Structures
  • So, what is Feminism?
  • Feminist frustration of assistance to males
  • The Fruits of Feminism

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