Characteristics of prisoners

Demographic characteristics taken from the 2014 British Academy report A Presumption Against Imprisonment are,

  • 68% of prisoners were not in paid employment prior to being imprisoned
  • 59% of young offenders have learning difficulties or borderline learning difficulties
  • 55% of prisoners commit crimes connected to their drug taking
  • 47% of prisoners have no educational qualifications
  • 41% of male prisoners were permanently excluded from school
  • 27% of men in prison are victims of child abuse
  • 24% of men in prison were removed from their families and spent time in care
  • 21% are from an ethnic minority (compared to 10% of the general population)
  • 18% of men in prison have a physical disability
  • 15% of male prisoners were homeless prior to being imprisoned
  • 12% of imprisoned men are black (compared with 3% of the general population)

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