How to Create an Event in the Calendar

Anyone can view the Calendar by clicking on the left-most page link, called “ Calendar”, which appears immediately below the site title/strap-line.

To include a new event in the Calendar you must have a valid logon to To get one, either email me at my personal email or apply via the form on Network For Men

To logon: you will see the logon link near the bottom on the right under “META”.

Having logged-on, just click on “ Calendar” to bring up the Calendar, then clicking on a day will allow you to create a new event, and to edit or delete you own events. You may find this easiest in month-to-view.

Please use the colour coding which is illustrated by the dummy events I have entered under 2nd – 7th January 2017. These are,

  • Pale Blue: Parliament, including Welsh Assembly and Scottish Parliament
  • Green: Local Government
  • Yellow-orange: Universities, schools, teaching, students, NUS
  • Pink: Media, news outlets, journalism
  • Deep Blue: Feminist organisations & campaigns
  • Red: Men’s events ( conferences, actions, meetings, social events)

You are likely to be given permissions only to create/edit/delete your own events, but not to edit/delete anyone else’s.