For Authors/Editors of Wiki Pages

This is a Wiki, not a blog. This means that other people beside myself can contribute.

However, addition of pages and/or editing rights are restricted, for obvious reasons. If you wish to contribute in this way please apply via the form on Network For Men or use my personal email for those who know it.

Please do not add or edit either Posts or ordinary Pages (except for adding events to the Calendar, for which see How to Include or Edit an Event in the Calendar). Posts will be used for meta purposes only.

Please add or edit only Wiki Pages. You will find a menu item in the Dashboard for creating new Wiki Pages. Alternatively just link to a non-existent Wiki Page, then ‘view’ and click on the resulting (red) link.

Links to other Wiki Pages are created using the button for that purpose on the toolbar (second from right). Ordinary Pages/Posts do not have this facility.

When reading, Wiki links appear black but underlined. (I may change this unusual colour convention when I figure out how).

If a Wiki link does not exist it appears red. Clicking on a red link allows you to create the Wiki Page.

Links to ordinary Pages/Posts or external web links are done in the same way as any WordPress page/post, i.e., using the URL. When reading, links made via the URL appear blue and underlined.

Please end any new Wiki Page with an appropriate set of Wiki Page links, as illustrated by the existing Pages.

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1 thought on “For Authors/Editors of Wiki Pages”

  1. Excellent project.
    I have informed people in that it exists. (I feel there should be international networking)

    You may be interested in the Janice Fiamengo book that we are telling everyone about – she wants to hear from men, in their own words, how feminism has affected them. Here is a cartoon video which explains more:

    You can also read about it here:

    I will mention this site to others. My g+ group made the above video and has a large number of youtube content makers. If you have any ideas for collaboration or promotion please email me

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